From the streets of Bangalore to the lanes of entrepreneurship – the struggle wasn’t easy but worth it.

Founder | Dhanush M S

The Beginning – 

It all began with an urge to find purpose in life during the time when concepts were backfiring,and mind was in a chaotic abyss. While pacing through the ups and downs of a 9-5 job, I found my inclination somewhere else. Exploring my way out, gradually, my never-ending hustle and grinding introduced me to a whole new world of entrepreneurship.

However, instead of the end, that was the beginning of my journey. And, with that, motivation kicked in, brainstorming followed, and fueled up my ideas to turn them into revenue-churning startups.

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Journey – 

An idea to celebrate the essence of life
A brand to show the right path to oblivious startup owners
A platform with affordable marketing packages
An opportunity to associate with people in the business domain

Driven by passion & objectives, discipline is the key to my success.

For every entrepreneur, morality is the aspect that boosts growth and helps acquiring success. Being no exception, my journey compelled me to stick with certain ethics and rules.

Damn With Others’ Opinions

People’s perceptions don’t bother me as long as my inner voice is clear.

Living with Passion

Mornings enliven me while nights fuel me, there’s no time to get drained when following the passion.

Doing More, Complaining Less

My ideas excite me to the extent that I turn them into tasks infused with adrenaline rush.

Risks-Smashing Courage

All it took was a bit of courage and multiple risks to bring the best out of me.

Belief Over Rationality

While my rational senses argued over the wrong & right, my beliefs triggered me to move ahead.

Hard Times with Great Lessons

It’s the toughest times that taught me the greatest lessons – to breathe & take risks.

Either winning, or learning

Determined to rise, stronger than excuses.